Our Story

Fat Turtle Herbal Pharmacy was created by acupuncturists for acupuncturists

After years of racing around Los Angeles in search of quality herbs and ordering from a multitude of companies we knew there was a better way to get what we need for our patients. We were finished with prescribing patent tea pills and formulas pre-made for the masses. Healing is more than that. So a mission was born, to create an Herbal Pharmacy using only premium grade herbs, compounded to order, in any format, for practitioners of Traditional Herbal Medicine.

"We are here to help you compose safe and powerful formulas, as unique as your patients.”

What We Do

Fat Turtle is a full service Chinese Herbal Pharmacy based in Los Angeles. We offer custom fulfillment of your herbal prescriptions in any format. We also carry a variety of medicated plasters and external liniments. You can create custom blends or choose from tried and true classic formulas all made to order with the most premium herbs available. We ship anywhere on earth and can send formulas to your office or directly to your patients.

How It Works

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What if I need help constructing a formula?
We're here to help! Fat Turtle has licensed acupuncturists on staff to assist you any way we can. Through your online account you can also send us a message. We’ll discuss your case with you and help you choose herbs.

What if I don’t feel comfortable constructing formulas from scratch?
Our software's built in safeguards will immediately alert you when you enter known toxic herb combinations, dangerous dosages or pregnant/nursing contraindications.
- Simply transcribe a classic formula and we’ll make it to order assuring your patients are receiving the freshest most powerful herbs available.
- Consult with our in house licensed acupuncturists who are here to assist you in creating safe and effective formulas.

Can I order formulas through Fat Turtle without being an acupuncturist or herbalist?
Because we use pharmaceutical grade herbs, only licensed acupuncturists, herbalists and students of herbal medicine can purchase through us.

Where do your herbs come from?
Our herbs come from GAP (good agricultural practices) certified farms and ethically wildcrafted sources. We source geo-authentic specimens as proper climate, water and soil contents are crucial to producing herbs with correct levels of active ingredients. We harvest at the correct time of year to maximize our herbs potency. Every step of manufacturing is traceable. We pride ourselves on sourcing from organic family farms and supporting indigenous agriculture practices.

How do I order with Fat Turtle?
Simply register and after we verify your credentials you can start building formulas.

What is your return policy?
If you receive a damaged package simply send it back within one week for a full refund.

Can I cancel my order?
Because we get to work compounding as soon as you place your order, if you need to cancel a formula please give us a call so we can stop the process and refund you completely. If we have already shipped your formula simply send it back to us within one week and you will only be responsible for the shipping costs.

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